Gathering The Ghosts, the new CD, including Stained Glass Life in high energy, blue grass bounce mode, and an extended recording of "Noah's Dream".

Guest performances from several West Michigan artists bolster a strong dozen songs, showcasing multi-instrumental arrangements with mandolin and keys, and a move towards incorporating bowed strings with those percussive picking and rhythms.

The lush guitars and harmonies on "Crown Ophelia", violin and cello quartet of "Crows", and powerful grand piano and cello duet of "Two Parts" lend a rich diversity to this recording.

Please visit these sites where the songs are available for preview, purchase, or download:

Check out Christopher Sloan's EP, Stained Glass Life, on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.  

Co-produced with Peter Butt of Studio 84, Wiltshire, United Kingdom, Stained Glass Life opens with the rocking "Meet Me," flows through the rich and emotive "Diamond," before settling into the title track, "Stained Glass Life," reminiscent of the Byrds.

The energetic mandolin instrumental, "Noah's Dream," rolling "Dragonfly," trio with cello and mandolin, and percussive "Cornflower Girl," round out an upbeat mix of songs.

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