The Joy of Live Performance

The Joy of Live Performance

Christopher Sloan. Songwriter. Performer.

Christopher Sloan writes music encompassing the many layers of life.  Seeking a continuation and validation of melody and harmony in music and his songs, Chris has increasingly sought to find new musical tonal landscapes for the vehicle of his lyric poetry, within alternate tunings and voicings on the guitar.

A multi-instrumentalist composing on acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, and keys, and driven by a percussion background, Christopher released the record Gathering The Ghosts, recorded and engineered in Grand Rapids, MI, on The Lakeshore, and in Kalamazoo, featuring many guest artists and friends from around West Michigan. Showcasing 12 new recordings-- melodic, stylistically diverse, and energetic, Gathering The Ghosts, currently available for purchase and download here.

Christopher has finished the exciting, sonically beautiful, and much anticipated second full length recording of 13 songs (plus a surprise live 14'th track) entitled Dreaming Trees, in May of 2017.  These more recent compositions comprise a group of songs that have raised the bar compositionally, exploring even more deeply the alternate tunings and voicings of pioneering Scottish, Irish and British guitarists such as Nick Drake, Bert Jansch, Richard Thompson, and Damien Rice, as well as the late Michael Hedges, along with beautiful cello arrangements by cellist Russell Gorton.  


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